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Professional purchase of catalysts

Flexible collection

We buy catalysts in the seat of our company or we collect them directly from the client. After prior arrangement, we are able to come to any place in Europe. We also offer on-line purchase.

Reliable pricing

Our representatives can identify and reliably estimate each catalyst. For this purpose you just need to send us a picture of the catalyst or its reference number (OEM). We take care the rest.

Market prices

The value of a catalyst depends on the amount of metals it contains, such as platinum, palladium and rhodium. Their price depends on the current exchange rate which you can check below.   

Quality of service

We cooperate with the world’s largest refineries, dealing with the recovery of precious metals. We operate without intermediaries, which guarantees you the best prices. 

Market Prices




Our Mission

METAL UNICORN deals with wholesale and retail purchase of catalysts with ceramic and metal core. We also buy ceramic monolith and particulate filters – FAP and DPF.

Why Choose Us


We are a reliable, legal and trustworthy entity, guaranteeing our clients safe and secure transactions.


We have specialized equipment that enables safe and efficient processing of the obtained catalysts.


We have permits, honored in all countries of the European Union, to purchase and transport used catalysts.

How to sell catalyst?

Upload a picture of the catalytic converter or its reference number (OEM) to our purchasing platform.

Based on the amount of metals it contains and its current exchange rate, our representatives will make an expert estimate of it.

After agreeing on the financial conditions and terms of delivery of the catalyst to us, we will send you a system-generated purchase agreement, complete with your data.

After sending back to us the signed contract and transferring the catalyst in the agreed form, within 3 days we transfer the funds to the account number indicated by you.

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“Good reliable company. Everything in accordance with the contract and on time. Accurate prices. I can recommend..”
"I can recommend the cooperation with METAL UNICORN. Whole process of cooperation was a pleasure... "
“The entire valuation and sale process is smooth and seamless. I wish myself and others more such companies to work with.”